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You can still give to our 2023 Revival: From Death to Life Fundraiser

We want to let you know about exciting things that have happened recently and exciting things to come this year.


Over the last 12 months, 1,000 people have received Bibles from us, most of whom were young adults and children. Countless people have called us so we can pray with them in the moment, and many more have sent us their prayer requests online. We launched two new podcasts that have received very positive feedback to help you on your walk with Jesus. In January of 2023 alone, 3 people accepted Jesus through our stations and have been walking with us, with the hope of eventually being plugged in to a local church.


Your prayers and financial support have been an enormous part of what God is doing through the ministry of Sound of Faith. Through the three local radio stations, people are coming to know God and growing closer to Him.


God has kept our focus on being local; to build up local believers, help you establish deep roots so that you can cause ripples globally. As He has called us to make disciples of all nations, we believe we need to start right here, right now.


This leads me to the fundraisers. Your financial support has always been the backbone of this ministry and continues to be. The theme is REVIVAL. We believe that an ember is burning in our communities, and all it needs is a little fuel. This ember will grow to a fire that cannot be stopped. We believe many people will come to know Jesus, and people who have wandered away from God, will come back to experience His abundant goodness and grace.


Events in the Bible show us kings who denied God, and people who refocused complete nations on God. Those who refocused people on God saw an explosion of spiritual renewal amongst their people. People were convicted of their sins, asked God to free them, turned from their old ways and experienced the fullness of God. Not only did they experience the fullness of God, they received assurance that an eternal home is being prepared for them. That is our heart for revival in our communities, but believe in God to revive people spiritually in the nation of Canada. It needs to start somewhere, so why not here, where we live?


Our financial need is great, yet we know our God is greater. The plans for the future include signal improvements, commissioned media work for other ministries, station planting, more physical and online resources for your journey with Christ and outreach events to introduce Christ to more people.


Your partnership is needed. We are one of the few remaining radio stations that have local DJs. Other station networks have told us this is not financially efficient. We believe it’s important to have local DJs so they can meet you, they can relate to what’s happening in your community, and to pray with you in person. We are your local voice of hope and will continue to invest locally, in order to impact globally.


Will you prayerfully consider giving financially to this ministry in order for more lives to be transformed, and for more to know Christ?


Thank you and in Christ alone,


Anthony Ngai

Executive Director

Sound of Faith Broadcasting

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