Unapologetic with Julia Jeffress Sadler
Unapologetic with Julia Jeffress Sadler

Julia Jeffress Sadler is the bestselling author of “Pray Big Things,” Licensed Professional Counselor, reality TV star, pastor’s daughter, and the Next Gen Minister at First Baptist Dallas. She is passionate about discussing God’s Word on today’s topics and how to have a bold faith in a broken world! She lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband, Ryan, and their miracle triplets.

Tune in weekly to hear Julia’s unique, fun, and practical application of God’s Word to today’s topics with special guests: Shannon Bream, Sheila Walsh, Madi Prewett and more.

Things that Matter Most with Dr. Robert Jeffress
byJulia Jeffress Sadler

If Jesus were to give a TED Talk, what would he say? Dr. Robert Jeffress—senior pastor of First Baptist Dallas, bestselling author, FOX News contributor, and Julia’s dad and biggest hero—returns to Unapologetic this week to talk all about his newest book, 18 Minutes with Jesus: Straight Talk From The Savior About The Things That Matters Most. This conversation between father and daughter is insightful and inspiring, as Julia and Dr. Jeffress discuss how the Sermon on the Mount—which served as the foundation for 18 Minutes with Jesus—is still relevant today and can be read in 18 minutes—the exact length of a TED Talk. Jesus is the expert on life, love, faith, forgiveness, and money and he put his teaching about all of these topics in the Sermon on the Mount. Together Julia and Dr. Jeffress talk about the Christian obligation to forgive, why worry and money often go hand in hand, and Jesus’ keys to happiness. Their conversation ends with an encouraging word from Dr. Jeffress on practical ways to study the Bible. The 18 minutes Jesus spent preaching the Sermon on the Mount truly is straight talk directly from the Savior—revolutionary then and applicable now. 18 Minutes with Jesus is available everywhere now! Connect with Dr. Robert Jeffress at ptv.org or by listening to the Pathway to Victory podcast.

Things that Matter Most with Dr. Robert Jeffress
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