Unapologetic with Julia Jeffress Sadler
Unapologetic with Julia Jeffress Sadler

Julia Jeffress Sadler is the bestselling author of “Pray Big Things,” Licensed Professional Counselor, reality TV star, pastor’s daughter, and the Next Gen Minister at First Baptist Dallas. She is passionate about discussing God’s Word on today’s topics and how to have a bold faith in a broken world! She lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband, Ryan, and their miracle triplets.

Tune in weekly to hear Julia’s unique, fun, and practical application of God’s Word to today’s topics with special guests: Shannon Bream, Sheila Walsh, Madi Prewett and more.

Can Kids Become Christians? featuring Jessica White
byJulia Jeffress Sadler

It’s so important to share the gospel with our kids, but how do we actually do that? Popular kids podcaster, Jessica White, tells us exactly what that can look like on this super practical episode of Unapologetic! Like Julia, Jessica also hosts a kids bible podcast—hers called Kids Bible Stories. Together, these two moms passionate about sharing Jesus with their kids talk about how to get our kids to church, why being intentional in our parenting and teaching is so important, and how to make church fun for kids, and not a chore. Their conversation also digs into—and disproves—the false belief that kids can’t be “real” Christians. Both Julia and Jessica have witnessed to their kids and seen them come to accept Christ, so together they talk about why some people might believe that isn’t the case and how to talk to our kids about God in a way that’s appropriate for their ages and maturity levels. Jessica and Julia wrap up the episode by encouraging parents to start their kids’ faith journey by being intentional, making time with God a daily habit, and beginning small. If you’re a parent, or have special kids in your life, don’t miss this episode! Check out Jessica’s kids podcast—Kids Bible Stories—and learn more about her and the ministry at kbpodcast.com.

Can Kids Become Christians? featuring Jessica White
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