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Q&A: Questions About Israel and Bible Prophecy
byJeff Kinley & Todd Hampson

Jeff and Todd are joined once again by podcast manager Kari Duffy for an insightful episode of Q&A!

  1. (00:37) God taught the children of Israel about sacrifices for the forgiveness of sin. What happened to the people who died and did not know about this?
  2. (3:56) When did the Jewish people stop animal sacrifices for sin offerings? And how do they say their sins are forgiven today? 
  3. (5:44) I’ve heard a pastor say that Israel is only a secular state, and it doesn’t qualify as the Jewish nation in prophecy. Why would he say that? 
  4. (8:00) Regarding peace, doesn’t Israel have to be at peace with no walls before Gog comes down to invade her? How will Israel get to the state described in Ezekiel 38:11? 
  5. (9:51) The Geneva Bible tells us that Satan was loosed in (1073ad), where does that come from? Is the Geneva Bible a trustworthy translation? 
  6. (13:08) I’m struggling with the thought of what would happen if the prophecies were fulfilled in about 70 AD and history had lied to us? Satan is known to be a deceiver. What if that is what he is doing right now, and everything has happened? 
  7. (15:34) Will people thrown into the Lake of Fire be literally burning for eternity? Will they feel like they are on fire? 
  8. (19:12) I heard a minister claim that the great Babylon is the United States. Can you better explain what country may be the future great Babylon? 
  9. (22:08) Do you believe that Believers will be present at the Great White Throne? If so, how do we combat the anxiety of potentially having to see loved ones cast into the Lake of Fire?
  10. (24:59) You continue to claim that God is one day going to tell Jesus, “Go get your bride.” Please provide scripture that shows this concept in any way.
  11. (27:28) Everyone is making a big deal about this solar eclipse coming up on April 8. I am curious what you guys think about it and the eclipse passing through several cities named Ninevah. 


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Q&A: Questions About Israel and Bible Prophecy
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